LFS90's 30 Day Transformation Program

Challenge yourself to apply 6 new habits that will get you leaner, fitter and stronger FOR LIFE. Our 30 day Transformation Program is for women over 25 who are willing to change their lifestyle through habit based coaching to achieve their fitness goals. The LFS90 Transformation Program will help you apply the fundemental habits of fat loss and I will persoanlly hold you accountable 1-1 through my Proven 30 day system and then beyond. Scroll down to learn more...

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Based In Houldsworth Mill Reddish Stockport SK56DS

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LFS90 Drop A Dress Size

Learn the secrets to dropping a dress size and keeping your results long term, progressing week after week...

LFS90 Small Group Training Program

LEARN how to drop a dress size whilst eating the foods you love. NO FAD DIETS, just a proven method to help you become the best version of you. 

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The LFS90 Transformation Program

Follow the step by step LFS90 Transformation online digital program along side your studio workouts to get results FAST and efficiently. Online coaching 1-1 throughout the duration of the challenge


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Frequently Asked Questions

Access to 12 Coach Led Small group training workouts at our semi private studio in Houldsworth Mill Reddish. The Challenge has a digital program that runs along side your weight training to help you progress with your nutrition and mindset. 

These are the Tools we use to hold you accountable for the duration of the challenge. 

The LFS90 30 day challenge can be taken by men and women aged over 25 years old who want to lose body fat, get leaner, get fitter and stronger whilst eating the foods they love and enjoy socialising with friends and family. 

This program helps you Implement a sustainable heathy, balanced lifestyle. 

The course is quite intense with the amount of education you receive. Don't be alarmed thou I coach you to progress at your speed and I'm with you step by step. I take you through a journey of training nutrition and mindset modules that once you have completed you will be more educated and have the habits in place to start progressing to the best version of you. 

members who complete the LFS90 challenge will be invited to our VIP membership plan. 

More information will unfold as you complete the challenge.

We are based in Houldsworth Mill, Houldsworth street, Reddish, Stockport, SK56DS

Simply click one of the links above to join the challenge.

You will be given a link to schedule your induction. We will also give you a call to make sure the onboarding process goes smoothly. 

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Results are why you financially invest into bettering yourself. When you join the LFS90 program know that you are joining a results based program and time wasters or none complying members will not be tolerated. We have yet to cancel a members challenge due to lack of challenge progress. BUT that doesn't mean we wont if challenged to do so. Join with the right intention and... 

What we do have is a motivational, supportive, like minded community all helping each other overcome their fat loss obstacles using the LFS90 Habitual Coaching methods. 

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